Plans & ideas

for musical works

Philip is excited to have embarked upon a long-term collaboration with poet Euan Tait, working with Euan to create a projected series of Canticles. The first of these canticles, ‘Miriam’s Exile’, to an extraordinary and powerful poem by Euan, is currently being composed. It will be for soprano and piano and should be completed in the autumn–winter of 2017. Other projects currently starting to warm on the hob are a work for string orchestra, Exultation, and a song cycle for a duo of baritone and ’cello, for which Philip has started devising the libretto. A second song cycle is also in mind; as is a string quartet that combines the music with an exploration of place — as and when a moment allows.

If you should like to know more about any of these projects, or if you would like to discuss a possible commission you might have in mind, Philip would be delighted to hear from you. Please do get in touch.